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Allied Technical Services is the leading plumbing specification provider in North America. All of its services are given free of charge to the user, this service is sponsored by the leading manufacturers in the plumbing industry(American Standard, Gerber, Sloan, Franke, A.O Smith and many more).

I was brought in to work on the UI and UX as well as the front end development of this platform. I was also involved in marketing initiatives, campaigns, and interactive hardware installations.


Until the Visual Specification Builder (VSB) was designed, the only way to specify was using their ATS spec System, it was designed by engineers for engineers and worked really well for that. VSB is an application built to run on a browser, it piggybacks on the old specification system, but instead it targets architects and interior designers.

Everything had to be done from scratch, from concept drawings to launch. After a year and a half the first stage of the product was successfully launched.


An architect or interior designer can now visually select his/her products without needing to involve an engineer. All of the “behind the wall” products are automatically selected and the user is provided a printout of every single product needed for their project. This includes all products matching building and code compliant to the region they are building their project in.

The printout includes all recommended manufacturing prices, a complete order list.

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